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Digital Signage Made Simple

Visibull is a web-based digital signage platform that powers engaging content on displays of any shape and size. Our cloud application makes it easy to create and manage content any time, any place, and on any device.

Easy content design

Built from the ground up to be as simple as it is powerful, our intuitive campaign designer makes it extremely easy to create functional and visually appealing content in seconds.

  • Touch control: Use your mobile device to design content on the fly
  • Grid system: Easily divide displays into multiple sections, and design content for unique hardware like Christie® MicroTiles® with ease
  • Theming: Adjust fonts, colours, backgrounds, sizes, shapes and more with custom theming options

Hardware agnostic

Our application is designed to take full advantage of the latest display technologies, configurations, and networks.

  • Super High-Definition ready: 2K, 4K, 8K, you name it. Content will look crystal clear and will not degrade as you scale up the size of your displays
  • Device agnostic: Visibull runs on mobile phones, tablets, and displays of any shape and size

Social integration

We integrate with the most popular social networks so you can cross-promote your marketing initiatives.

  • Social feeds: We integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. Your favourite people, hashtags and videos are waiting to occupy space on your next campaign!
  • Sharing: Widgets that support sharing (like the Photo Booth) allow you to share directly to popular social networks like Facebook

Scheduling system

Our multi-level scheduling system gives you complete control of the timing of your content.

  • Loops: Keep your content fresh by playing multiple campaigns in a timed loop
  • Calendar: Schedule events for weeks or months in advance, and sit back while your content seamlessly transitions to match it’s surroundings

Interactive content

Engage your customers with touch displays from tablets to large interactive display walls.

  • Multi-interactive: With a large enough touch display, multiple people can interact with your displays simultaneously
  • Standard gestures: Viewers can navigate through advertisements, photos, slideshows and videos with standard swipe and drag gestures
  • Web browsing: Standard web browsing is fully functional within a Visibull campaign. When a user has finished interacting with a website, the original signage content will return

More features

Some further features that make Visibull an obvious choice for your digital signage system:

  • Live update: Changes made to your content are reflected immediately on your displays around the world
  • User management: Multiple users with different permissions can be managed under a single Visibull account
  • Analytics: We collect detailed information about what’s been played on your displays. These stats can be used to sell advertising space on your displays, or to generate reports for all sorts of purposes